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Doerz Motivation
Team Meeting
July 15,2020

Top Priorities This Week:
Instagram Follower Count: 2209
Facebook Group Count:1117
Create Wednesday Wisdom Post
LIVE FB interview or IG weekly … 10-15 minutes…

Virtual Schedule
In Gym Schedule
Trainer Documents
Gymgo login
Murfreesboro Black Market Event (trainers market)
Meal Prep Service ? ( are we getting one ) Meal prep sign
Yo Fit Viv will grab meals on a sunday
Trainers Meeting ( what info needs to be given and what they need to expect going forward ) (covid waiver)(wednesday virtual)

Doerz Events and Activities Ideas:
Doerz Nation Challenges? ( food, fitness, Trivia, ect…) July squat challenge
Doerz Nation Give-aways?
Virtual Bootcamp?

To-do: Current !
*** Review (General )To Do List to compare to one below
Pray on your feet movement/ Trainers Save Lives Too ( Start brainstorming)
( Research from couch to 5K for examples of ideas and formatting) Deja
Doerz in and Doerz out Sign Ambrose ask Rachel
Trainers Workshop ( Mentorship for Trainers) Ambrose
2nd Book - Sales related not fitness Ambrose
Create Curriculum for Life coaching 30 min sessions Viv/ pending (august)
Design Ambrose an Effective Time Management Scheduling for Ambrose
Work on Sales/Pricing: How Can we gain more money? Ambrose
Ambrose update Call list sections : start date /session left Ambrose
General to-do list is updated
Tick Tok Fitness challenge video Deja
Place order for shirts Ambrose
Create Nutrition Plan for Soliciting on FB Ambrose
Meeting Notes
Update client list
Phone number
Business cards (vistaprint)

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