"But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only"
James 1:22 KJV
Our Mission

Doerz Motivation was founded by professional fitness trainer Ambrose Leburu in 2016. Three years later in partnership with his wife , Vivaca, they are both on a mission to educate and redefine health and fitness as much more than physical fitness. Doerz Motivation is a purpose-fueled mind-set to push you into unlocking your full potential and attaining personal fulfillment. Doerz are committed to executing their God-Given purpose. It’s about having a shift of mindset that fuels forward motion in every aspect of your life. Doerz represents those who have the courage and faith to challenge the status quo and demand more out of life.

Team Leburu
We are Ambrose and Vivaca Leburu, husband and wife, life and business partners. As proud Americans with African roots, we are proud and honored to serve our community and we aspire to reach the world for the greater good through our work, thoughts and deeds. We come from diverse backgrounds, and as a result, we aim to reach any willing person and meet them at their point of need. We both have transformed our lives through hard work, sacrifice commitment and leaning into our own advice in overcoming and succeeding. Over the years we have individually attained success with entrepreneurial endeavors and brands we created and partnered with. This past year it became apparent that it was time for us to forge our experience and passion together as Team Leburu. 
We are the proud parents of a son and daughter Melo and Zoe. We are a close knit family and love spending quality time with our loved ones. Our hobbies include dancing, hiking, traveling and goofing around with our kiddos. 
We invite you into our world and encourage you to confidently and boldly chase your wildest dreams and be led by your desire for more.
There is a DOER inside each and every one of us.

Born in Botswana and raised in South Africa, Ambrose Leburu has been a leader from the beginning. Ever the encourager, motivator and go-to guy - from playing on the soccer field to serving in the United States Army to fitness coaching - he's always been one to stand out amongst his peers. Despite his innate ability to push others, the inspiration to form Doerz Motivation was actually birthed out of frustration. Ambrose realized that although he brought an unparalleled intensity that motivated his personal training clients to feel, do, and be better, he himself was stuck. He was fed up with engaging in great idea-generating, goal-setting conversations that never came to fruition. After a thorough self-check, he realized that it was time to rise to a new level of implementing all that he had been teaching his clients. He simply got tired of pretending to be successful.


Vivaca brings a wealth of life experience and a genuine love for people and community to the company. As the daughter of parents who instilled the values of God and education from the early stages in life, Vivaca as a wife and mother understands the challenges and sacrifices that often hinder people from going after their passion or reaching their goals. Vivaca's background boasts experience in sales, marketing, networking, coordinating and event planning. When Vivaca and Ambrose decided to forge their talents Vivaca's interest in specifically training, coaching and empowering women, moms and anyone looking for self care and self love at the center of their journey of self growth. Vivaca has survived many of life's challenges that would and has stifled many people, makes her an ideal trainer and life coach for those looking for that personal touch. Vivaca welcomes you to DOERZ and reminds you that the first step in changing your life, literally begins with your mindset.